The Dance and the Dawn

Time: November 10, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Salisbury 305

Event Staff


Whether you're a Lady of Ash or a Lord of Ice, you're missing something from your heart. There's something in your backstory - could be a failed relationship, could be far worse - that is holding you back. Some say that love will cure all. Perhaps not. The Duke of Ash is traveling with the Ladies to the Isle of Ice, to the court of the Queen of Ice and her Lords, for a midnight ball. The Ladies will ask the Lords on a series of dances, and perhaps some of the participants will find true loves among the opposite group and have an eternity of bliss. But one of the Lords is a soulless monster and every Lady who ends up with him will know an eternity of torment. Note: the part about the ladies asking the lords on dances is not a typo. It's still a Gothic-Regency-fantasy-themed dancing game, but gender roles are quite fluid. Not all ladies have to be female, and not all lords have to be male.


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