Dreams of Peace Dreams of War

Time: November 11, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Salisbury 104

Event Staff


Ninety-six years ago, humanity stood at the close of the Last Great War. We looked back upon the billions of lives lost and billions more that would never be the same. We stood face to face with the dozens of once prosperous worlds that were now nothing but mass graves and with the other countless testaments to the horror humanity can wreak upon their fellows. Those powers that survived the war (for it would be wrong to describe any as a victor), knew that the galaxy could not stand another such war. Next time, there would be no survivors. In a desperate bid to assuage this fate through diplomacy, the Pangalactic League was formed. The League was to be forum in which all the powers of the galaxy could gather to discuss there grievances. It was to be a place where conflicts could find peaceful solutions. It was to be the institution that would prevent another war. For nearly a century the League has succeeded at its mission. But time has marched steadily on. To the leaders of today, the Last Great War is nothing but a story of a memory and many of its lessons have been forgotten. Human pride and pettiness are as strong as ever and new conflicts threaten to plunge the galaxy back into war. Localized conflicts are growing larger and bloodier and the galaxy has seen the return of weapons capable of exterminating an entire planet. New jump drive routes threaten to destabilize old political borders. Poorer governments stand at the edge of collapse leaving their space as a haven for pirates and other violent criminals. The Pangalactic League meets 4 times each year. It seems that each meeting is tenser and more fraught than the previous one. Thus far, things have always worked out, but today could be the tensest meeting yet, and there?s a lot at stake. The founders of the League dreamed that it might bring peace to galaxy for all time. Will those dreams of peace come to pass? Or will the galaxy be plunged headlong into the Next Great War?


12 attendees
1 open slot: 1/13